Sunday, 6 March 2011

T minus 9 days!

The time is nearly here and I'm excited AND scared at the same time. I keep getting texts and emails from people telling me the book is on Amazon, W H Smith, Waterstones etc and frankly, it's just plain weird! Everyone has been incredibly excited and supportive and I'm so grateful, because I was bracing myself for a reaction somewhat more scathing! That said, I'm not sure what people are expecting - I'm pretty sure most people seem to think that I'll be raking in some JK Rowling style profit and making my millions - clearly those people have no idea of the meager profit involved in publishing, unless of course you reallly are JK Rowling - which I'm clearly not.

Still, as I sit here with just over a week to go I've given in to the pier pressure, almost bordering on bullying and will be having some sort of book launch celebration party. The venue is decided, I just need to confirm the date and start to organise things... with a travelling theme, obviously!

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