Sunday, 1 January 2012

T minus two weeks...

This time in exactly two weeks I will be on the mountain! I can hardly believe it's nearly here and am getting ridiculously excited now. I have all my kit laid out on the kitchen table, with only a couple of last minute things to buy and have just learned that I'll have to cull half of it, having read that my baggage allowance for the plane between the Serengeti and Zanzibar is only 15kg INCLUDING hand luggage?!!

I mean I'm in Zanzibar for four days, so that's at least 6 pairs of shoes and what about all the unecessary and excessive handicrafts I will undoubtedly buy from every pitiful looking local I encounter, to add to the countless boxes of unused wall hangings, paintings, cooking pots and bangles I already have and can't find a use for?

Off to read about the Serengeti now and work on my new 40 a day smoking habit. They say that heavy smokers suffer less from AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness), so I figure that seeing as I haven't quite committed to the amount of training I had planned to do by this stage, I may as well try it out!! (not really!). This trip will be even more special now, as I've had to postpone my Mexico voluntary work because I haven't yet rented my place out to pay for it... so I'm resorting to plan B about that. Just as soon as I've figured one out.

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