"Having travelled to a couple of the places this lady has mentioned, namely New Zealand and Australia, I was interested to hear what someone else thought of the places I had also been to. Reading this book brought home some lovely memories of truly awesome landscapes and fantastic experiences. As to the other places she travelled, Wow!!! This lady really gets involved, and puts her heart and soul into whatever the experience might be. Obviously a bit of a party animal, she blends the informative with the fun, and produces a read which I am sure other people interested in learning or seeing places a little more off the beaten track will enjoy. Next question? Where's she off to next?"

By Fellow Traveller 

"This book is a great read for two reasons. 1, it's witty and funny so you'll find it hard not to giggle to yourself one minute and then laugh out loud the next. And 2. It's a good insight to the world of travel that gives you a taste from your armchair and may indeed drive you to seeing for yourself"

By Billie Sharp